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Multiple US Military whistleblowers claim the ALIENS are Satanic demonic ADRENOCHROME HARVESTERS.  WE ARE A FOOD, DRUG AND SLAVE SOURCE. MUST WATCH!!! *graphic

William Cooper 
Greada Treaty 1954

The REAL TRUTH about the Holocaust in WW2 & the technology, power gained, & THE SATANIC ORION GROUP\DRACO who've been secretly ruling over Humanity. 

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AFOSI Agent Richard Doty, (ret.) CONFIRMS The US Military indeed has been TRADING Human Beings, CHILDREN with DEMONIC ALIENS for TECHNOLOGY!  7/31/2023

Alien drones known as 'orbs' examining children.
The aliens been coming for the children & the military didn't warn us because they were trading us for technology.

Proving Erich von Däniken WRONG about his King Pakal spaceship theory.  He's not an astronaut in a spaceship... He's a sacrifice with a gigantic knife plugging into him by Kukulkan, The Feathered Serpent DRACO while being on the death alter with blood pouring out of him.   7/14/2023

More on Mayan Art Click Here

Most recent interview with full explanation of The Orion Lines Jesse Hal on The Missing Link Show 6/18/2024

New second book out NOW!  Catastrophic Disclosure - The End of Night First & The Age of Reason find out the truth about the aliens and why they've been here in secret. $15.95

Download the first book FREE - The Orion Lines - The Truth About Extraterrestrials, Ryushin Malone's Research & Discoveries (revised 2024)- by clicking on the book image below & find out that I figured out the whole alien thing in 2017-2018.  It's a picture book of over 100 connection, very simple 20 min read.  All of my discoveries were copy-written in 2021.  They've taken away all of my social media accounts, banded viewing my website on most platforms & in most countries.  What I have discovered is terrifying but it needs to be heard by all of Humanity. Download the book FREE & find out why! 

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I've been able to type 21 different species of Extraterrestrial that have been leaked onto the internet for the past 30 years.
All are real.  

The Nazca Alien Mummies connection to King Akhenaten made 7/25/2017, 7 years ago and they blatantly & intentionally ignored me.  Those aren't their children.  They weren't worshipping the sun disk, the aliens ship.  They were worshipping the aliens,
THE ONE TRUE GOD!"  Are they 'God,' the creators of Humanity or God's gardeners???  Why have we been LIED TO?!!! 
(just featured in the Mexican Congress)

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The real reason they are considered to be fake is because THEY'RE LYING.


Second species found with the little beings connections.

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DNA & Carbon 14 testing results Click Here

The Nazca Alien Mummies to King Akhenaten "EBE 1992 Eiger" Switzerland & "Dead Alien Found In Snow In Siberia" Same Species. 
Tiny Super Intelligent Alien Beings 7/25/2017

More on The Nazca Alien Mummies Click Here

Alien Weaponry Phil Schneider

Moron Phil Schneider Click Here

It's been 7 years since I've made the connection and all I get back are rejection letters from their scientific journals.  I did force NASA to admit they were real by attacking their Twitter account with all the evidence.  Unfortunately, they did not include 'WHICH' tiny aliens they were referring to.  All they can do is sit around and mock me.

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The Pentagon UFO Program AATIP, Lue Elizondo's True Disclosure. 

The closest UFOs in the world has ever seen.  40ft.  Example of antigravity engine sound like an AC unit and electrical discharge with elevation change as the ratchet sound.  Also, example of consciousness tied into the lighting system.

Thousands of REAL UFOs Click Here

How Aliens Speak

For more on ALIENS Click Here

Stan Romanek's alien grey connection

The best UFOs in the world.  Disks

Thousands of REAL UFOs Click Here


Thousands of REAL UFOs Click Here


Thousands of REAL UFOs Click Here

How Crop Circles Are Made

Where are millions of people disappearing to?  

Multiple whistleblowers claim The US Government made "...agreements that risk putting our future in jeopardy." 
Solider witnessed Human 
trafficking with the ALIENS.

The Elite have been fattening us up with High Fructose Corn Syrup for "The Great Culling" in trade for technology.

As a result of Trump's takedown, surviver Katy Groves claims The US Military was making child sex and snuff films in D.U.M.B.s they were calling "UNCLE SAM'S SNUFF FACTORY" at Fort Hood, NOW Fort Cavazos, Killeen, Texas where an "alarming amount of soldiers have been dying since 2016."  & D.U.M.B.s at Fort Hood Gray Army Airfield


Multiple US Military whistleblowers claim the ALIENS are Satanic demonic ADRENOCHROME HARVESTERS.  
MUST WATCH!!! *graphic (long version)

Tons more evidence they've been eating us in "HELL."  Click Here

Download video Click Here

The Satanic Elite have been intentionally fattening us up with High Fructose Corn Syrup to have us all harvested by aliens as FOOD.  Agenda 21 which was stopped by the US Military 
December 7th 2018

Need more evidence?  Click Here

They all knew about the aliens...  "The Great Culling" was their plan for us.  Alien Invasion, Adrenochrome Harvest Takeover.  Agenda 21

Fattening us up with corn.

Poisoning our water supply with metals, fluoride and chemicals to turn us gay.

Micro plastics found in ALL of our food & water

They TRADED The Jews for technology and then after WW2,
The USA made the same deal.  (tax payers paid for this)

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When are you gonna wake up?

Why have the black hats been trying to take away our guns and call it CIA Project Orion?  Orion Alien Invasion

If it weren't for me, connecting the Nazi death marches and the deep underground military bases to the shape of Orion, we'd all be harvested in 2021.  The military use the evidence to justify them stopping the alien invasion, harvest takeover.  It's truth.

Three different perspectives Satanic Alien overlords visit The Pentagon on Dec 19th, 2018 at 4am to find out why they were double crossed 12 days earlier.   Alien Invasion Agenda 21 RIP December 7, 2018 
The Eye, The All Seeing Eye, Eye of Providence, Orion Eye

It's proof they've been working together behind our backs.

For more on The All Seeing Eye Click Here

Orion, the true source of Satanism and Human Sacrifice.  Ancient Aliens Destination Orion

Everything on The Evil Satanic Orion Group Click Here

ROTHSCHILD inc. paid the Nazis to build The Nazi Death Marches in the shape of Orion, to honor Orion.  The Orion Group\DRACO IS a Satanic Force who takes over star systems.  They probably targeted the Jews for leaving Egypt under Orion rule, Moses.  After WW2, The US Military & Operation Paperclip, made the same deal with The Orion Greys & built The D.U.M.B.s (deep underground military bases) IDENTICAL to the Nazi Death Marches in the same shape & size of Orion, this time tax payers paid for this. We paid for our own genocide.  To cover this up, we were just about to be invaded & harvested which was stopped Dec. 7, 2018.  RIP AGENDA 21

21_12 copy.jpg
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We DID NOT win World War II, because the iIlluminati, ROTHSCHILD was behind both sides all along.

& The Black Suns aka The Orion Group/Draco

More on the Black Suns Click Here

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BABY FACTORY 8/2/2023  

Tons of evidence that Ukraine is a Satanic NAZI order Click Here

Trump covertly takes out US Military pedophile rings in 2017-2018, resulting in a whistleblower claiming that most from The Pentagon were looking for child prostitutes in foreign countries.

General Mark Millie admits he's part of the "International Order" or Illuminati Deep State.  
He was also in change of Fort Hood for a few years. 

Ever wonder why the MSM considers CHILD TRAFFICKING & ADRENOCHROME HARVESTING a "conspiracy theory," "crazy" & "FAKE NEWS"???


This is a U.S. CONCENTRATION camp hiding in broad daylight

Matching UFOs

Matching UFOs

racetrack lights Nov 2022 March 2024

matching ufos

UFOs using lasers

Tucker Carlson & Clayton Morris discuss the truth about the aliens

Operation Majority

MH370 disappearance I KNOW WHERE THEY WENT Cicada370 KNEW.  We are under attack & they didn't warn us. 

The Dark Pyramid in Alaska 
Allegedly was turned on in 2018 and is suppressing consciousness.

People in Peru are under attack by aliens they call "FACE-PEELERS" since July 11, 2023 & now the government coverup *graphic

Military solider tells the truth about the aliens and then reveals further information of Reptilians who will be invading and they will be fighting.  The Pentagon UFO Program AATIP, Lue Elizondo talks of a "hypothetical" alien invasion 

A.S.I. Artificial Superintelligence is the single, most dangerous threat humanity will ever face far worse than the aliens. They will promise us endless pleasure until we are all dead and then take over.  Only with GLOBAL CONSENSUS, will we avoid this nightmare wanting to get out of box.

For more on A.S.I. Artificial Superintelligence Click Here

A.I. Artificial Intelligence now being used to propagate deepfake child sexual abuse imagery on the dark web!!  IT COULD BE YOUR CHILDREN!
Click Here for more information

Sounds ridiculous, all of it is true.  ALL OF IT. 

JFK Assassination

Daylight by ryushin


 Long Live Humanity!

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William Blake (1757–1827) painted these paintings “Morning Christmas/Moloch” and “The Great Red Dragon and the Beast from the Sea.”  The reason why he painted The Great Red Dragon as the revealer and hero is because he knew the true prophecy.  The true story of Revelations. The truth is, the Catholic Church owned and controlled by Rothschild, had Revelations changed, as well as Lucifer, so you would hate him when he came to be.  The Catholic Church is Satanic.

The truth about Lucifer click here

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There is a reason why the Catholic Church built the new church in the shape of a snake's head. There's a reason why the people are sitting inside of the mouth of the snake.
The Catholic Church is EVIL, they are not of God.

Project Looking Glass
How did they know all of these things would come to pass?
They have quantum temporal time viewing devices, like Projects Looking Glass, The Orion Cube or Crystal ball.  They have the ability to view future events. This is why everything is coming to pass so accurately.  Having this technology actually changes the nature of reality itself. This is the chess match but I already won in 2018.  

More on Project Looking Glass Click Here

To go deeper down the ol' rabbit hole CLICK HERE

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