The Orion Lines are a 3D star map of "The Orion Group's" AKA The Black Sun's territory markings.

I Have Solved The Nazca Lines and Renamed Them The Orion Lines

Solving The Nazca Lines & The Secret to The Stars


Explanation Paper Click Here

Nazca Alien Mummies connection To King Akhenaten 7/25/2017

Aliens are real and they have been coming into peoples homes and taking them in the middle of the night.  

Some of these aliens have been taking Human Beings and eating them.  

The US Government and NATO have been covering it up.  Wake up!  Got Space Force?  ADRENOCHROME HARVESTING 

The Nazca Alien Mummies Connection To King Akhenaten Himself.  

I Figured Out How Extraterrestrials Communicate. 

Telepathy, Written Language and Verbal Communication.

 They sound like birds

I am the first Ufologist to match a UFO with another. 

I have 45 matches.

I solved The Great Pyramids of Giza.

They were water harvesting the Nile River to Ionizing H2O to create H3O also known as Hydronium for fuel. 

I Forced NASA To Admit "Tiny Super Intelligent Alien Beings" Are Real By Attacking Their Twitter Account With Thousands Of Photos and Videos Of Extraterrestrials.

NASA confirms "Tiny Super Intelligent Alien Beings" are real!  I like how they didn't include any images!


They're real "UFOs"


Zeta Reticulian


They Knew It Was Orion Because The 
Elite Have Been Secretly Worshiping And Working With Them.

This Is Why They Named Everything Orion.  

This is why they've been hiding The Nazca Lines.  

They knew it was ORION .   If you're not scared yet, you will be.

The true "FAKE NEWS  They've been brainwashing us this whole time.

PIZZAGATE WAS REAL... They've been eating children at Fort Hood, Killeen, Texas called

Uncle Sam's Snuff Factory

Aliens have been ADRENOCHROME Harvesting Human Beings

Alien robots have been sent into peoples

homes by the US military to scare people

The US Military has been harboring aliens who have been eating people at Dugway Proving Ground

AIDS/HIV is a man-made population control

They've Been Eating Human Beings.  

I have coined it "Adrenochrome Harvesting."




AVRs (Alien Reproduction Vehicles)

Ryushin Made Space Force Admit "Reptilians" Are Real By Posting This All Over Their Twitter Account.

One week after it was leaked that "Lizard People" were being evicted from AREA 51, a gigantic Pyramid craft appeared over The Pentagon Dec 17, 2018.  3 different prospectives caught the craft on video.  The same craft was seen over the Kremlin in 2009.  I believe these people are the Alpha Draconians and the 'ALL SEEING EYE.

The Elite FUCKED the entire human race but so did NATO and The US Gov 120 years.

The WW2 Holocaust was an Adrenochrome Harvest in trade for technology.  

Why just kill them, when you can kill them for technology?

The Adrenochrome Holocaust and the reason why they targeted the Jews I believe was because of Moses leading them out of Egypt thousands of years before. 

Orion didn't like that.   Tom Delonge confirms

Now you know where 22 trillion dollars went, it was to hide the paper trail leading to The Secret Space Force they've been running since the 50s. 

The Elite have had some time to think about it...  Fortunately for The People, there are some Elite who are willing to kill the surviving Elite if they do kill The People.  This is what WWG1WGA means. 

This is what they were going for, the robot replacments.

I was close...  They actually wanted to take over Humanity by turning us into robots.

Pizzagate is real.  They have been raping and eating children at Fort Hood military base Killeen, Texas they called, "UNCLE SAM'S SNUFF FACTORY"

where an "alarming" amount of soldiers, 119 have been dying since 2016.


The Cure For Aids/HIV is


It is a man-made population control.

 "Uncle Sam's Snuff Factory"at Fort Hood military base Killeen, Texas where an "ALARMING" amount of soldiers, 119 have died since 2016. 

Katy Groves

"An 'ALARMING' amount of soldiers have  been dying at Fort Hood since 2016.  119 soldiers"

What's The Big Secret???

 It's ORION & ADRENOCHROME Ladies and Gentlemen

The CIA Has Been Drug, Child Smuggling And Operating Uncle Sam's Snuff Factory For The Elite


Military Are Preparing For An Alien Invasion???!!!


Area 51 Worker Claims "Bad Aliens" From Mintaka Orion

and How They Have Been Adrenochrome Harvesting Human Beings

The Elite Have Been Secretly Worshiping The Aliens From Orion & The Alpha Draconians for thousands of years.  They all know its Orion and this is why they do Human sacrifice to this day.

How We Know The Aliens Are At War With Each-other and this is what the "balance" is all about.  

Angels and demons are exactly aliens.  

The Alpha Draconians

The Dow

Yes, The US Government Has Time Travel

Project Looking Glass

A Quantum Time Viewing Device

The "Orion Cube" A Quantum Time Viewing Device

A Gift From The Orion Group To The Free Masons

Timeline Accordance Declaration

In order to understand the dynamics of Time Travel we must first understand the laws of the universe.  The way things are so I explained it.  Time Travel is extremely dangerous.    

Do you know how I know this "Alien" is real?  Because it's me in 1964, 17 years before my birth from our future.  I guess we have conscious transferal technology at some point, if not already.    

No one knows me like I know myself.  No one except for me would talk like this.  

It's me in a different body from our future, in our past.  Also, he came to me in 2002 so I know he's real I just didn't know who he was until I saw him speaking in this video 15 years later.

I wish it weren't true because it make me sound totally nuts but, guess what?  

You honestly think I would come this far to lie now?   I'm not, it's me.  ~ryushin

"Victory Over War"

He For She For Us<3

Ryushin Malone

"Remember...  We Are Human First!"

"There Is One One Way To Save Our Future, Together."

The Orion Lines 

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