Dr. Steven Greer is a disinformation agent

Zachria Stichen SATANIC disinformation agent

Ryushin forced NASA to admit "Tiny Super Intelligent Alien Beings may have visited Earth and Humans just didn't notice," by attacking their twitter account with thousands of pictures and videos of Alien Beings.

Ryushin made Space Force admit "Reptilians" are real.

The Secrets of Our Sun, The Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn ect.,

Apollo 11 Press Conference

The Cure For AIDS/HIV Is


False I&W or Deceptive Indication and Warnings Projects

DECLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS show Army SECRETLY SPRAYED St Louis with radiation #AmericanDeathCamps

Bill Cooper

Phil Schneider

Nazi UFOs


The Orion Lines Subscribe Today

"In times of pervasive deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

                                                                                                                              George Orwell

 Cashapp $ryushinseanmalone

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