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ETV (Extraterrestrial Vehicles)


All Saucer or Disk Shaped Craft

The Closest UFO The Public Has Ever Seen.  Operation Saucer 1997, Connection To The North Carolina UFO 2011.


All Cigar Shaped Craft

All EBVs (energy ball vehicles)
Shaped Craft 

How Crop Circles Are Made

The 'Tic-Tac' UFO caught on tape over the ocean


The REAL 'All Seeing Eye' from ORION

2 UFOs Scanning a group of people and then cloaking Sei Shibuya, Japan Sept 2018.  2 months later, Dec 2018, the same crafts seen at Rosarito, Mexico waiting for the first Mexican caravan to reach the US boarders.


Alien War over Humanity


Cattle Abduction Caught on Film

I am the first Ufologist to match a ufo with pictures or videos of the same craft.  
It got to be so many that I stopped because I knew the US Government probably knows all of this and more as well as who's behind the wheel.




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