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Project Looking Glass

Area 51 S4-2

Project Looking Glass

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Open Minds TV Escape From Area 51 J-Rod Full Documentary

Bill Wood Explains Project Looking Glass

"The Orion Conspiracy" alien false flag

The "Orion Cube" A Quantum Time Viewing Device

A Gift From The Orion Group To The Free Masons

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Notable Mention: Crystal Balls, real crystal balls are ET quantum time viewing devices probably gifted to The Elite by the aliens in the past.  
So we know there are more than one looking glass.


Timeline Accordance Declaration

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In order to understand the dynamics of Time Travel we must first understand the laws of the universe.  The way things are, so I explained it.  Time Travel is extremely dangerous and it actually changes the nature of reality.


How did Saint John, a man who lived 1500 years ago, know a star alignment which only happens every 7000 years was going to happen 1500 years from his time.  Only one possible explanation.  Time travel.  They brought him into the future and showed him a possible outcome.  It’s the only possible explanation.  This would suggest that with this technology, they fixed Jesus after being dead for 3 days and are bring him through time to our future, which should be anytime now.

You are all in for a very, very BIG surprise.

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