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Ryushin Sean Malone


I saw a UFO in 2016 enter the atmosphere like a shooting star, burn out to become a white light, then suddenly, it changed direction by 7-10º and rapidly accelerated! Also, I have been observed by “them” on more than one occasion.


One night in 2002, I was awoken by an alien gray with big black eyes starring 6-8 inches from my face into my eyes. I could not move and was utterly terrified! After about 5 minutes, I was “released" and the being floated through the coffee table and through the wall while not loosing eye contact.




I dismissed the encounter as a dream or delusion until July 2017 when they came to me during meditation. During a 2 hour sit, I felt a finger under my chin apply pressure to lift my head upwards to expose my neck. When my neck was fully extended I could see a whitish translucent 3-4 foot being with big black eyes shifting or fazing in the light in front of me. Either they have extra-dimensional technology or they have incredible invisibility technology.

I was not afraid, I did not sense harm from the being. Suddenly, a second being appeared and stepped from the right side of the first being holding a 2 1/2 foot rod with a 1/4 circle collar or bran that was then applied to the left side of my neck. I could see symbols on the collar but was paying more attention to the beings in front of me. The entire event lasted for approximately 10-15 seconds. It didn’t hurt, I felt no pain or burning.
















I don't know what it was they were doing to me, either they were branding me, implanting me or taking a sample, I have not a clue. There was no mark left on my neck. At the end I could feel the finger drop my head slowly and then they were gone. I knew then that they were real. Afterward, I was able to see some of the real beings and craft in pictures or video enough so to create a page. I was always interested in the subject but It got very real for me after this experience. I am not crazy or confused in anyway.  


I have never been taken but I have been observed on more occasions than these two times. My passion has always been revealing the truth of reality. I had no idea that these beings would become a major part of who we are and where we come from.  I did however experience a dream being in an operating theater and then next morning I woke up I found black and blue marks on my arms.


Believe it or not, EBE3 is actually me in a different body leaving a message in 1964.  I wish I were kidding but its true.  It's me.  At the end of part 1, I say, "remember to look for your dog tags."















My passion is the truth. There is so much false information in the UFO community that it sometime becomes overwhelming and for very good reasons like, free energy technology, as well as, faster than light, space and time propulsion. As well as many other exotic technologies, mostly involving light.


In any event, thank you for reading this and remember, we are here because we seek the truth, because we know that something or someone else is here observing us or we want to belief we are not alone. Whatever it maybe, bear in mind, most of the information on this subject is bullshit but some of it isn’t, which means they are here.


Please be kind to others whether skeptic or not. There is an unbelievable amount of proof and I want to help others see the truth as it is.

"There is only one way to save our future, together."

~Ryushin Malone


"Long Live All Life"


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