WW2 Was An Adrenochrome Harvest In Trade For Technology Because Why Just Kill Them, When You Can Kill Them In Trade For Technology?

The Nazi Death Marches are in the shape of Orion to honor Orion.  So they could watch their "food" being marched to their deaths.

Death Camps Built in America With Tax Payers Money are IDENTICAL to the Nazi Death Marches in the shape of ORION.  They secretly continued the trade.  Trading Human Beings as a food and drug source, Adrenochrome for technology.

Nazi UFOs

Full Explanation World War 2 was an Adrenochrome Harvest in trade for technology with aliens from Orion.

The Elite, Rothchild and friends, used Germany as they did in WW1 as a door stop to stop the spread of communist Russia into Europe.  So they funded Germany.  That's how they became so powerful so quickly right after WW1.  Rothchild made a deal with the aliens trading blood, Adrenochrome for technology.  That's how the Nazis got their hands on all of this UFO tech.  The truth is the Nazis and the Reptilians won WW2 in Antarctica secretively. 

The worst part about this is that it make sense. 

Men with more than enough fueled by greed, anger and delusion resulting in the need for more to be finally exposed by the truth as it is.

Operation Highjump

After the USA secretly LOST WW2 in Antarctica, this happened...

Which then lead to the sign of "The Grenada Treaty" in 1954 where the Orion Aliens were allowed to take a certain number of Human Beings for "medical experiments" in trade for technology.  Over all, the US got shity technology and then found out that these alien were taking millions of people. 

An absolute violation of the Constitution. 

And you wonder why society is collapsing, this is why.

Operation Paperclip

The group of Nazi scientist taken in by The USA.

This is why NASA and the government have been lying about everything.  Because The Orion Group took over secretively after WW2.  Thanks Rothchild!

FBI Quietly Declassified Secret Files Attesting Hitler Fled to Argentina in 1945

For News Article Click Here

The Adrenochrome Holocaust

CIA Archive release NAZI UFOs

The Orion Lines 

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